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How Do I Edit My Slideshow (Sangar Slider)?

If your website has the Sangar Slider installed, use this tutorial to learn how to create and edit slides.

If your website has the Nivo Slider plugin installed, please refer to our Nivo Slider tutorial. You can also request to have the Sangar Slider installed in place of the Nivo Slider by opening a support ticket.

Creating New Slide

  1. Click Sangar Slider > Add Slider
  2. Type slider title
  3. Choose your template
  4. Click “Create New Slide”



Add / Change the slide's photo (background image)

Background – Image

  1. Choose “image” as background
  2. [optional] Type your slide link
  3. Click Set Image, and browse your image. Then upload
  4. Click Save Slide


Add text/buttons on top of your slide (Layer Editor)

Layer editor is essential part of Sangar Slider. Here, you can add slider, adjust its position with intuitive drag-n-drop design.

  1. “Add Layer” to add new layer on grid
  2. Click “Refresh Grid” after you make change on grid width, so it will reset to newest setting
  3. “Animate” to simulate layer animation in front-end
  4. “Grid” switcher, to display grid on layer editor
  5. “Toolbox” switcher to display layer content toolbox (Such as Text, Image, Code, Video, etc.)
  6. “Toolbox” box is essential tool set for layer editor. Here you can add Text, Code, Video, Image to layer editor. We will talk more about Toolbox in the next section.


Additional Sangar Slider tutorials can be found in the plugin's official documentation:

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